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Birds in United Arab Emirates 1-20 of 32

Fertile parrots hatching eggs, parrot chicks and parrots
We now have some very fertile and ready to hatch species of parrot eggs for sale. all our eggs are tested fertile with hatch ratio 1:1 on all eggs (well teste...
1500 د.إ
A  pair of african grey parrots for sale
Animals | عجمان | 27.06
I have a pair of African grey parrot for sale they are just 1year old and are very intelligent, have been DNA tested and will come along with all their papers t...
300 د.إ
Fresh and fertile parrots eggs
WELCOME TO PEGGY BREEDING HOME we have very healthy and fertile parrot eggs for sale. our eggs have been well tested to be very fertile, hatching is 100% guara...
5000 د.إ
Hand reared baby parrots awaiting new homes
Presently, we are hand raising various kinds of baby parrots  such as macaws, African greys, amazons etc. We sell in large quantities if need be. Both babi...
We are specialized in the breeding of birds/parrots
we are specialized in the breeding of birds/parrots and we sell very fertile candle lit eggs of all species of parrots. all our eggs are collected from very hea...
Blue and gold macaw pairs available.
  Blue & Gold Macaws pairs ready for breeding. These guys are super sweet and love to cuddle. Raised around children & dogs.  All our blue and gold ma...
850 د.إ
3- 12 months macaws and parrots ready
Animals | حبشان | 02.12
Parrots for sale- Various Species Available-Tamed, Healthy, Hand Raised- African congo greys- Blue and Gold macaws- Green wing macaws- Scarlet macaws- Catalina ...
1200 د.إ
Healthy fertile fresh parrot eggs and parrots for sale.
Healthy fertile fresh parrot eggs and parrots for sale. Our eggs have been tested to be very fertile back at our main aviary in all continents; hatching is 100...
Healthy tamed macaws and parrots
We have tamed and friendly parrots in large varieties such asmacaw parrots, African grey parrot, cockatoo,Amazon parrots, Conure Parrots, Ostrich birds &fresh p...
1700 د.إ
Young parrots, weaned and tamed
They are well socialized with many people  including children, grate singers and will speak after you and call names in both English and Spanish. we actual...
120 د.إ
 yellow nape amazon parrot babies for sale.
Animals | مصفوت | 15.04
All our Yellow nape amazon babies we breed are guaranteed to be healthy at the time of purchase. It is suggested that the baby is seen by an avian vet within 7...
1000 د.إ
Exotic birds for sale pet /breeders
Animals | منامة | 15.04
Arabian Afro Exotic Birds Farm is a hobby breeder program operated by Barbara Garland. we currently have 16 breeder pair of parrots. My breeding pairs consist ...
2000 د.إ
 african congo grey baby for sale
We are happy to help with any questions or concerns you may have prior to purchasing, We have many years experience with African Grey parrots. Should you decide...
1500 د.إ
Open your own pet exotic birds shop now in uae.
We run a Bird farm for exotic birds within the UAE and Sub-Sahara Africa, quiet large with a rich variety of exotic birds hand breaded with proven breeding pai...
2000 د.إ
Amazons,macaws,cockatoos,african greys and fertile eggs
Currently, we are hand raising various kinds of macaws, African greys,cockatoos,macaws and different bird species. we also supply freshly tested fertile eggs. w...
500 د.إ
 pet birds for sale : macaws ,parrots,conures,amazons and eggs.:uae/kuwait
Animals | دبي | 28.08
Blue and gold macawsScarlet macawsGreen wing macawsCongo greys ( special order )Timneh greysEclectus.All Amazons and small birds etc.NOTE..We ship with all lega...
2600 د.إ
Parrots and fertile parrot eggs-various species available at   discount rates.
we have these excellent blue and gold macaw parrots and they are excellent talkers. all parrots vaccinated against avian polyoma and come with certificates of...
2000 د.إ
Young parrots, starting to talk.
Lets talk about these beautiful young birds. They are so sweet, lovable, and some speaking already! They are well socialized with many people including children...
1800 د.إ
Hand fed blue and gold macaw parrots available to loving homes
Hello,we have these Excellent Blue and Gold Macaw Parrots and they are excellent talkers. All parrots vaccinated against avian polyoma and come with certificate...
Open aviary + petshop: macaws ,parrots,cockatoos,conures
* African Grey Parrot* Amazons* Black palm cockatoo* Blue and gold macaw* Citron cockatoo* Green wing macaw* Hyacinth macaw* Major Mitchell cockatoo* Rose breas...
400 د.إ